I’m afraid of tomorrow!
What’s around the next corner?
I look behind me and wonder:
Can the past be redeemed?

My ghosts will haunt me
They’ll destroy my future.
I cannot continue
To control things for long.
God is Great.
We don’t have to be in control.

Someone said something
That shattered my spirit.
That was ten years ago,
But it’s still steers my heart.

And when he smiles at me
All is right with the world
And when his smile fades
The sun hides its face

God is Glorious.
We don’t need to fear others.

I’m good. I’m creative
I do a nice job
But when it’s not perfect
I feel worthless and lost

So I drown out the voices
That point out imperfections
By being too busy for them.
But now I can’t rest!

God is Gracious.
We don’t have to prove ourselves.

I’m looking for something.
If I could just get it
Then all would be well.
Then I would be happy!

When things go downhill
This is where I retreat.
That old familiar place
That functions as my savior

God is Good.
We don’t need to look elsewhere for satisfaction.

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