I love to write. I'm just used to it being private.

A friend and I were talking recently about this phenomenon called blogging, and about how we used to write things in journals, meditate on them, and then express our feelings publicly through conversation.

"...I guess this means we seemed wiser...we only expressed the thoughts that mattered most and they were generally well thought through...you know, the whole thing from Ecclesiastes, about a fool's voice being known by a multitude of words..." he said.

I agreed. "Being Succinct is a value our generation holds high, but some of these really popular blogs are so long...if I spoke as long as some of these guys write, people would get so annoyed, i would think."

He Agreed.

There went my ego.

I've resisted the urge to blog...my blog up until now has mostly been Bible studies, and sermons, and news about our church.

So here I go...I'll give it a try. Maybe my ramblings and private thoughts will connect with someone and give them hope...maybe not. Maybe people will think I'm a genius....probably not. Maybe I'll be a popular blogger in a year...no way in hell.

Let's just do it.

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Kashema said...

I used to blog ALL the time. I had a "XANGA." It's pretty cool. Espcially when you start getting feed-back from complete strangers that actually read your blog on a daily basis. Nice to know my life WAS that interesting! LOL